Bayford Meadows

I visited Bayford Meadows for the first time in six months. What an eventful day.

The weather conditions were different in every round from qualifying to the final.

Bayford Meadows 27th March 6 16

This caused Dad a few headaches as he had not had to do so many changes between races before each race.

Unfortunately could not get the wet set up right. This cost me dearly in qualifying. 12th place.








Heat 1:- Track dried out enough to go dry set up. I came into my own powering from 12th to finish 4th and only 2/10th off the leaders pace. I was happy.

Bayford Meadows 27th March 4 16









Heat 2 :- Was super wet see picture below. The grip was not there so struggled and dropped back in race.

Bayford Meadows 27th March 5 16

The final:- This went wrong from the start. Half the grid went slicks including me. Track was still very wet in places.

Leaving the dummy grid a kart broke down in front of me. I had no where to go so bumped into him and that was my nose cone down 10sec penalty if I finished the race. The race started and the drivers on inters at the back were much quicker and caused a few problems into the first 3 corners. We lost a couple of slick drivers. I managed to get 2 laps in before hitting a wet patch sending me into the barriers race over. unfortunately some mangled bits for Dad to sort out before next meeting.

Big thank you to my Sponsors and Engine Tuner  Richlee Motor Company, MIR Raceline , CZ Chains Tony at Supertune

Ellough Park Raceway Round 3

This was my first race meeting using the new nose cone push back brackets.

There was a good field of 13 drivers. I qualified 5th having struggled with lack of grip.

Heat 1 Saw me move into 2nd place and push the leader all the way. As I was still not sure how secure the nose cone would be I did not push to hard as 2nd was a good position. I did not fancy a 10 second penalty if I got my overtake wrong.

Heat 2. Was a little slow off the start but gradually worked my way back into position only to have my cut stall and get spun off. So to the back of the pack eventually working my way into 8th place.

Problem with kart sorted off to the final.

Started better but was held back for several laps trying to find the right moment to overtake. Eventually got my opportunity but did not have enough time to make a podium place. 4th place finish. I am happy with that as I was on the pace but a few kart issues did not help.

Big thank you to my Sponsors and Engine Tuner  Richlee Motor Company, MIR Raceline , CZ Chains Tony at Supertune

The Final Round Lydd Karting Winter Championship

First weekend that the weather was great. No tyre decisions this meeting slicks all the way.

I had my best weekend ever.

I qualified in pole shaving time off the lap record.

Heat 1 I was jump started and eventually got the lead back and went on to set a new lap record.

Heat 2 I led this from start to finish times were not as quick as heat 1

The final saw me lead again from start to finish. During the race I lost the lap record in lap 4 and I then matched the new lap record in lap 7. As I only matched the record it is credited to the driver who set the time first.

Lydd 13th March 16 TrophyAnother clean sweep with the added bonus of matching the lap record.

I am now looking forward to the April meeting were I should be crowned Lydd Karting Winter Champion.


I would like to thank all my sponsors for helping me achieve this. Richlee Motor Company, Mir Raceline & CZ Chains.

Thank you to engine builder Supertune.

I hope I can now go on and produce some more great results in the Summer Championship.

Lydd 13th March 16 (15)



Lydd 13th March 16 (8)








Fantastic Days Racing – Lydd Kart Circuit

What a days racing I had. The weather was not great wet and cold.

The day started with me Qualifying in Pole.

Then went on to Win heat 1 by a good margin.

Heat 2 saw the rain again but this did not deter me. Once I negotiated the first bend the rest of the race was fairly straight forward and another win.

The Final saw me take the lead from the start and led it all the way to the line.

This is my first ever total domination of a meeting and saw me take pole and all race wins to take maximum points.

Rhys Lydd FEB 16 6JPG

Big thank you to Mum & Dad for giving me the opportunity to race.

I would like to thank all my Sponsors and Engine builder.

Richlee Motor Company ,Mir Raceline, CZ Chains, Debenhams Implant Dental Practice, and Supertune

After a Break

I am getting myself prepared for the next couple of weeks. I will be back racing ay Lydd on 14th. Then onto Genk for practice. I will be back in time to attend the Ellough Park meeting on 20th. Really excited as a lot at stake.

Ellough Park Raceway Round 1 2016 Championship

What an eventful day. A 4.30am start as we needed to travel 90 plus miles. Dad went to start the car and de-ice it only to find it would not start. Mum to the rescue jump leads out, and a quick bit of jiggling with the cars at 5am car starts away we go. Sorry neighbours.

The weather conditions dictated with an icy track and a flurry of sleet the meeting was shortened by reducing our practice sessions.

We all got one 5 lap practice before qualifying.


This was only the second  time of racing at Ellough. The regular members had a slight advantage and a couple guessed right on tyre choice.

With a good field of 10 junior drivers off we set on qualifying. I was on inters with 7 others. With a fast drying track I had to make sure of 3rd which I duly did.

ellough 2016.2 JPG

Heat 1

Started 3rd got a great start and followed the leader around the first bend. We both pulled away from the pack. I finished 2nd.

Heat 2

Again started 3rd but this time I got a brilliant start and took the lead. I pulled away from the field. This gave me my first heat win in Junior Rotax.

ellough 2016.1 JPG








The Final:-

ellough 2016.3 JPG


This saw me starting in pole.

I led the race from start to finish all 14 laps.

Really excited as this was my first ever Final win in this class.


ellough 2016Great big thank you to Mum & Dad.

I would also like to thank my Sponsors

Richlee Motor Company

Mir Raceline

CZ Chains

Debenham Dental Practice

Great start to 2016.