Bayford Meadows

I visited Bayford Meadows for the first time in six months. What an eventful day.

The weather conditions were different in every round from qualifying to the final.

Bayford Meadows 27th March 6 16

This caused Dad a few headaches as he had not had to do so many changes between races before each race.

Unfortunately could not get the wet set up right. This cost me dearly in qualifying. 12th place.








Heat 1:- Track dried out enough to go dry set up. I came into my own powering from 12th to finish 4th and only 2/10th off the leaders pace. I was happy.

Bayford Meadows 27th March 4 16









Heat 2 :- Was super wet see picture below. The grip was not there so struggled and dropped back in race.

Bayford Meadows 27th March 5 16

The final:- This went wrong from the start. Half the grid went slicks including me. Track was still very wet in places.

Leaving the dummy grid a kart broke down in front of me. I had no where to go so bumped into him and that was my nose cone down 10sec penalty if I finished the race. The race started and the drivers on inters at the back were much quicker and caused a few problems into the first 3 corners. We lost a couple of slick drivers. I managed to get 2 laps in before hitting a wet patch sending me into the barriers race over. unfortunately some mangled bits for Dad to sort out before next meeting.

Big thank you to my Sponsors and Engine Tuner  Richlee Motor Company, MIR Raceline , CZ Chains Tony at Supertune

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