First Outing 2017 Whilton Mill Karting

Last weekend saw Rhys Anthony shake off the cob webs and get back into racing mode after a successful 2016.

Weather was bitterly cold with temperatures not rising much above 3 degrees all weekend.

With many changes to the Junior Rotax Kart from new evo engine to new D2 tyres.

All drivers were coming to terms with this. I being Rhys mechanic was struggling to get the set up right for him.

The new tyres causing most of the problem as they were taking 2 to 3 laps to warm up. Once we got them going then Rhys was pretty much on the pace.

Race Day

This saw random grids for the three heats to decide final grid placing. Rhys was struggling all day to get the tyres to work.

After the three heats Rhys was one place of the back of the grid in 14th for the final.

The final saw him have his best race of the day and eventually finishing 9th. The good news was that we made progress through out the weekend. I have to go back to basics and get the set up better for our next meeting which is in February.

Big thank you to our sponsors Richlee Motor Company , CZ Chains and our latest addition InurZone

We are looking for more potential partners and sponsors for 2017 and beyond.

Please feel free to contact me via

Planning for 2017

I would like to say a very big thank you to my current sponsors and engine builder.

Richlee Motor Company , MIR Raceline , CZ Chains and Tony at Supertune.

With your help this year I have so far won the Lydd Karting Winter Championship and the Lydd Karting Summer Championship in Junior Rotax.

I am currently lying second in the Ellough Park Raceway Championship with one round to go.

I look forward to working with all of you in 2017.

I am also looking for more help in 2017 and beyond.

I would welcome any future potential partners or sponsors on board in my quest to become a professional racing driver.

Final a huge thank you to Mum & Dad for all the work and sacrifice they put in to make sure I can achieve my ambition.

Penultimate Round 2016 Championship Ellough Park Raceway

Last weekend saw me back at Ellough Park Raceway for the penultimate 2016 championship round.

I had a great meeting to consolidate my second place in the championship.

Heat 1 Saw me take the win.

Heat 2 Started 6th finished 4th

Heat 3 Started 6th again and finished 2nd.

The final I took second place which gave me solid points for the round.

Looking forward to final round in December.

Getting Ready

First Time out in Junior Rotax Whilton Mill

Last weekend decided to enter a race weekend at Whilton Mill. This was my first time racing in the Junior Rotax Class on the track.

Saturday practice gave me the chance to get the hang of every thing and Dad and Mum the chance to get some data. It was a lovely day sunny and dry. By the end of the day I was happy.

Sunday race day as normal the weather changed and the track was wet from overnight rain.

I went out on slicks for warm up laps but was the only one. This was a struggle. The track did not seem to be drying out very quickly. By the time my first heat came we had changed set up for the damp conditions only for the track to have dried out to be dry set up. With no time for any adjustments we just switched to slicks. I struggled with to much grip.

Heat 2 :- Was back in the zone but starting at the back of the grid. I made up four places to finish 6th.

Heat 3 :- Saw me take the lead from lap one and pull a few kart lengths away. I was really settling into my rhythm only to notice some spots on rain on my visor. Not being familiar with the tracks changing condition. I was not aware that such a few spots would make the track that slippery. As I approached the end of the start straight and turned to go up towards Christmas Tree the front end went away from me. I slid straight into the tyre barrier and was thrown from the kart. Fortunately I was not seriously injured after a quick trip in the ambulance I was given the all clear.

I did not go out in the Final as was still in pain with my back, ribs and arm still not feeling good.

I was really pleased with my first outing as was on the pace all weekend and felt confident I could have podiumed.

Enjoying the race

A quick Round Up

Hi one and all,

I have been really busy with my school work and taking on board moving into Year 10.

I have still been racing and practicing since my last update.

Lydd Summer Championship:- I am leading this championship with two rounds to go. Next round this weekend 13th 14th August 2016.

Ellough Park Raceway Championship:- Currently lying third with six rounds to go.


Winter Champion 2015/16 Lydd Karting

Here I am with my Winter Championship Trophy and the winners trophy for the first round of summer championship.Lydd April 16. 9JPGBig thank you to Mum & Dad for giving me this great opportunity.

I must also thank sponsors  Richlee Motor Company, MIR Raceline & CZ Chains for their support.

Finally not forgetting Tony at Supertune for my great engine.