Ellough Park Raceway Round 1 2016 Championship

What an eventful day. A 4.30am start as we needed to travel 90 plus miles. Dad went to start the car and de-ice it only to find it would not start. Mum to the rescue jump leads out, and a quick bit of jiggling with the cars at 5am car starts away we go. Sorry neighbours.

The weather conditions dictated with an icy track and a flurry of sleet the meeting was shortened by reducing our practice sessions.

We all got one 5 lap practice before qualifying.


This was only the second  time of racing at Ellough. The regular members had a slight advantage and a couple guessed right on tyre choice.

With a good field of 10 junior drivers off we set on qualifying. I was on inters with 7 others. With a fast drying track I had to make sure of 3rd which I duly did.

ellough 2016.2 JPG

Heat 1

Started 3rd got a great start and followed the leader around the first bend. We both pulled away from the pack. I finished 2nd.

Heat 2

Again started 3rd but this time I got a brilliant start and took the lead. I pulled away from the field. This gave me my first heat win in Junior Rotax.

ellough 2016.1 JPG








The Final:-

ellough 2016.3 JPG


This saw me starting in pole.

I led the race from start to finish all 14 laps.

Really excited as this was my first ever Final win in this class.


ellough 2016Great big thank you to Mum & Dad.

I would also like to thank my Sponsors

Richlee Motor Company

Mir Raceline

CZ Chains

Debenham Dental Practice

Great start to 2016.

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