Ellough Park Raceway Round 3

This was my first race meeting using the new nose cone push back brackets.

There was a good field of 13 drivers. I qualified 5th having struggled with lack of grip.

Heat 1 Saw me move into 2nd place and push the leader all the way. As I was still not sure how secure the nose cone would be I did not push to hard as 2nd was a good position. I did not fancy a 10 second penalty if I got my overtake wrong.

Heat 2. Was a little slow off the start but gradually worked my way back into position only to have my cut stall and get spun off. So to the back of the pack eventually working my way into 8th place.

Problem with kart sorted off to the final.

Started better but was held back for several laps trying to find the right moment to overtake. Eventually got my opportunity but did not have enough time to make a podium place. 4th place finish. I am happy with that as I was on the pace but a few kart issues did not help.

Big thank you to my Sponsors and Engine Tuner  Richlee Motor Company, MIR Raceline , CZ Chains Tony at Supertune

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