First Outing 2017 Whilton Mill Karting

Last weekend saw Rhys Anthony shake off the cob webs and get back into racing mode after a successful 2016.

Weather was bitterly cold with temperatures not rising much above 3 degrees all weekend.

With many changes to the Junior Rotax Kart from new evo engine to new D2 tyres.

All drivers were coming to terms with this. I being Rhys mechanic was struggling to get the set up right for him.

The new tyres causing most of the problem as they were taking 2 to 3 laps to warm up. Once we got them going then Rhys was pretty much on the pace.

Race Day

This saw random grids for the three heats to decide final grid placing. Rhys was struggling all day to get the tyres to work.

After the three heats Rhys was one place of the back of the grid in 14th for the final.

The final saw him have his best race of the day and eventually finishing 9th. The good news was that we made progress through out the weekend. I have to go back to basics and get the set up better for our next meeting which is in February.

Big thank you to our sponsors Richlee Motor Company , CZ Chains and our latest addition InurZone

We are looking for more potential partners and sponsors for 2017 and beyond.

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