First Time out in Junior Rotax Whilton Mill

Last weekend decided to enter a race weekend at Whilton Mill. This was my first time racing in the Junior Rotax Class on the track.

Saturday practice gave me the chance to get the hang of every thing and Dad and Mum the chance to get some data. It was a lovely day sunny and dry. By the end of the day I was happy.

Sunday race day as normal the weather changed and the track was wet from overnight rain.

I went out on slicks for warm up laps but was the only one. This was a struggle. The track did not seem to be drying out very quickly. By the time my first heat came we had changed set up for the damp conditions only for the track to have dried out to be dry set up. With no time for any adjustments we just switched to slicks. I struggled with to much grip.

Heat 2 :- Was back in the zone but starting at the back of the grid. I made up four places to finish 6th.

Heat 3 :- Saw me take the lead from lap one and pull a few kart lengths away. I was really settling into my rhythm only to notice some spots on rain on my visor. Not being familiar with the tracks changing condition. I was not aware that such a few spots would make the track that slippery. As I approached the end of the start straight and turned to go up towards Christmas Tree the front end went away from me. I slid straight into the tyre barrier and was thrown from the kart. Fortunately I was not seriously injured after a quick trip in the ambulance I was given the all clear.

I did not go out in the Final as was still in pain with my back, ribs and arm still not feeling good.

I was really pleased with my first outing as was on the pace all weekend and felt confident I could have podiumed.

Enjoying the race

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