My First Junior Max Race

I had my first official race at the opening round of the Bayford Meadows Summer Championship.

My Saturday practice was ok nothing special but I do not always practice well. I was off the pace all day.

Sunday saw me go straight into Qualifying with 17 other drivers. I performed well and took 8th fastest.

First heat saw me improve on my times but lose a place in the race.

Second heat I got a great start and gained my place back and was putting pressure on the group in front. This resulted in me having the 4th fastest lap time in this heat.

I was really looking forward to the final.

Again my start was quick but to my dismay I was side nudged off onto the grass due to a kart spinning to the right of me forcing other karts to take avoiding action. I lost control and spun into the tyre barrier.

Fortunately I was not hurt but did bruise my arm and smashed my nose cone. I tried to go on but nose cone was scraping on the ground.

That was my race done. What great start I have had. I now have to build on this in the coming weeks ready for April round.

Here is some photos of the final. Courtesy of Paul Babington Photography

Bayford Final 22nd March 15 (2) Bayford Final 22nd March 15 (4) Bayford Final 22nd March 15 (5) Bayford Final 22nd March 15 (6)

I would like to say a big thank you to Steve Bull who is mentoring me and running me in his team.

Rhys with Steve Bayford

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