Winter Championship

Since end of February to end of March I have been really busy finishing the Buckmore Park Winter Championship (Champion Yipee more to follow). I started the 2014 Kent Championship Bayford Meadows Summer Championship 2014 and F6 Championship 2014.

Buckmore Park Winter Championship 2014:-

The final round:- I just needed to keep my main rivals from scoring more points than I had already accumulated in rounds 1 and 2  in order to be the Winter Honda Cadet Clubman Champion.

It was a very busy meeting as all the top drivers are using these race days for prior practice to their championship round later in the year.

This meant we had a big field in my class with some overspill from the Cadet class. Winning this round was not going to be easy.

I started the day 2pts clear of my rivals I just needed to keep them from outscoring me to win.

Qualifying:- This did not go well I qualified 18th with all my main rivals ahead of me. I had two heats to get myself in a good position for the final.

Rhys Racing At Buckmore March 16th 2014

Heat 1 :- Saw me move up the grid to 10th still some seven place behind my main challenger. I was beginning to wonder if this was not going to be my day. Dad and Mum gave some reassuring support and said the points do not count until the final and your grid position in the final.

Heat 2:- I made my challenge at got myself into 6th for the final but still 3 places down on my rival. The overspill cadet drivers were dominating up front and there were a couple behind us who I guessed would pull all stops in the final.

The Final:- My points tally for this round would not be better than what I had already achieved in the first 2 rounds. But my main rival sitting 3rd on the grid could out score me if he finished better than 5th.

I knew I had to somehow get ahead of him but also needed a couple of other drivers to do the same.

The 12 lap race started I got pushed out wide on the first bend dropping me back to 5 places to 11th I was now totally relying on my rival to drop back. He got off to a good start and held his third place for 2 laps before dropping to 4th then 5th. I was not aware of this until around lap 9 when I saw him in the kart just ahead of the one I was tracking down. By lap 10 I had made up 3 places from my bump off. On lap 11 I was right on the tail of my main rival and eventually over took him on the last lap. As the scores worked out I had provisionally won the championship. I got confirmation on the following Wednesday that I had won by 2pts.  I will be collecting my trophy on 11th May at round 2 of the Summer Championship.

Rhys After Final at Buckmore Knowing he won the Winter Championship 2014

What a year I have had I only started out in my own Kart March 2013. I have won the F6 2013 Cadet Championship, finished 4th in Buckmore Summer 2013 Championship and 5th in the Kent 2013 Championship and now won the Buckmore 2014 Winter Championship.

Rhys with New Suit & Some Trophies


Big thank you MIR Raceline for my fantastic new race suit. (Cheers Rick).

Big thanks to Panther Motors for the fantastic job done on my race engines.

And Finally thanks Mum & Dad for all your support with my Kart Racing.

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